List of projects I am involved:


UTokyo Shaping Sustainable Cities & Communities (SSCC) Social Cooperation Program

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This 3-year project is a collaboration between The University of Tokyo and Takenaka Corporation which aims to explore practical approaches in making sustainable cities and communities. The project focuses on decarbonization by adapting to new people and renewable energies, strengthening resilience of people at disaster risk, and strengthening cooperation between rural areas, suburbs, and cities through a circular economy.

未来の百姓 Podcast

Mirai no Hyakushou -Ways We Work- Podcast




Mirai no Hyakusho (Ways We Work) presents alternative lifestyles, bridging urban and rural, and rethinking life in community with human and nature. Each program introduces an individual working closely with agricultural communities throughout Japan.


UTokyo Ryokunoju "living with agricultural landscapes" research team (




Re-introducing agri-activities and lands are now commonly identified in cities throughout the world including NYC, Toronto, London, Berlin, Copenhagen and Tokyo. By having growing concern on natural disasters as a result of the global climate change, cities in the world are now seeking for a new planning concept which may provide resilient solutions. Agri-activities/lands, including community gardens on vacant lots, entrepreneurial agriculture on rooftops, and traditional agriculture remaining in the fringe of cities, are multi-functional by not only producing food but providing ecosystem services and restoring deteriorated urban communities, and thus strongly contribute to make the city resilient. The project aims to envision the potential of borderless landscapes with urban/rural mixture created by agri-activities/lands in urban fabrics.